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Once again STEP Guernsey is grateful to host a number of excellent speakers, drawing on both local and global talent to provide delegates with key updates and information about our industry.

You can find out a bit more about our guest speakers and STEP Guernsey Conference Committee members below. 

Jeremy Kosky (1).png
Kelly Greig (1).png
Joanna Caen (1).png
Catherine Grum.png
Adrian Hale (1).png
Fiona Crocker.png
Phil Eyre (1).png
Sandra Duerden.png
David Cooney (1).png
Ajay Wiltshire.png
Siena Gold (1).png
Maya Prabhu.png
David Bowen.png

step guernsey conference committee

Greta Pender (2).png
Matthew Gilligan (1).png
Rajah Abusrewil.png
Euan Melrose (1).png
Gilly Kennedy-Smith.png
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