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Adult Education Course

STEP Education at a glance


The STEP Diploma is the benchmark qualification for those working in the field of trusts and/or estates.


It is designed and delivered by practitioners, for practitioners, and is recognised and respected by employers, regulators and clients across the world.


All practitioners working in the field of trusts and/or estates will benefit from this qualification – from accountants, to lawyers, bankers, trust professionals, wealth managers and others.

STEP Qualifications in Guernsey are via courses run by CLT International and GTA University Centre.  Please see links below.

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Matt Gilligan

STEP Guernsey

Student Liaison


About STEP Certificates in Guernsey​

STEP Certificates are designed to be introductions to estate planning and wealth management. If you are not already a member of STEP, they also provide a route to join us.

The following Certificates provide 30 Entry Level credits at Entry Level and can be used as a standalone qualification, entry to Advanced Certificate and Diploma courses and a route to STEP membership. 

Find out more about what credits are needed to join STEP with our Qualifications and Membership Framework.

About the STEP Diploma in Guernsey

The STEP Diploma is for all practitioners working in the field of trusts and/or estates.

The NEW modular approach allows you to build your own Diploma, selecting the content most relevant to you and your specialist area. Build your STEP Diploma by choosing from an extensive suite of Advanced Certificates. The Advanced Certificates are listed below in three sets:

  • SET 1: Private Wealth Administration and Governance

  • SET 2: Tax and Compliance

  • SET 3: Electives

Choose at least one from Set 1, at least one from Set 2, and a further two from any of the three sets.

You will need 60 Entry Level credits in order to enrol on this course. These credits can be achieved through prior learning (certificated or experiential) or completion of Entry Level Certificates (see above).

Please see the Qualifications and Membership Framework for further details on how to gain Entry Level and Diploma Level credits via exams or accreditation of prior experience and learning.

Click HERE to download the STEP Diploma brochure.

The timetable for all courses is available here.
Continuous Professional Development (“CPD”)

As well as assisting towards your career development as a STEP member you are required to undertake Continuous Professional Development (CPD) as part of your STEP Membership.

The STEP Guernsey Webinars, Lectures and Events are geared towards assisting STEP Members not only to keep up to date with topical issues and current best practice all but also to contribute to annual CPD requirements. As such all STEP Guernsey Professional Events are CPD accredited and you should maintain a record of your attendance at STEP Events to evidence your annual CPD.

Your Human Resources department will undoubtedly keep a record of your attendance, but one of the perks of your STEP membership is that you are provided with support to help you maintain a record. Click here to log in and record your CPD directly.

You can learn more about STEP Worldwide policy on CPD here.

About our Student Liaison Officer

Once you begin your studies your status will be officially recognised as a Student. Matt Gilligan from Saffery Champness is STEP Guernsey's Student Liaison Officer.

Matt is responsible for the welfare of STEP Students in Guernsey:

“I have been on the Guernsey committee as the student liaison officer for over 12 years having initially joined whilst still actively completing the Diploma. During my time I have sat both the Diploma and the various Advanced Certificates which STEP offer. I feel that it is important to continue my personal development not just to enhance my skills in specific areas but to be able to relate and offer an insight to the students who are taking (or contemplating) the exams which STEP offer. I am always happy to offer advice to students and can give first hand experience as to what the exams entail.”

Current and potential students should contact Matt if they have any questions in the first instance. 

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