STEP Guernsey Lecture Series 2020/21

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the STEP Guernsey branch is currently offering a series of online lectures for industry professionals to keep up with their CPD.

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Virtual Lecture No. 9 - 2020/21 series

Date of live lecture: 25 May 2021 

Topic: Motivational Speaking - a trustee's guide to the UK income tax and CGT motive defences

Speaker: Emily Osborne and Alice Vink, Stephenson Harwood LLP


Presentation Summary

Emily and Alice will present "Motivational Speaking - a Trustee's guide to the UK income tax and CGT motive defences".

  • What is the motive defence?
  • What does it do?
  • Has Brexit changed the "EU motive defence"?
  • Recent judicial consideration of the motive defence 


Virtual Lecture No. 7 - 2020/21 series

Date of live lecture: 22 March 2021 

Topic: Dealing with US connected persons from a UK perspective

Speaker: James Frampton, Michelmores LLP. 


Presentation Summary

James Frampton, Partner in the Private Wealth team at Michelmores LLP presents "Dealing with US connected persons from a UK perspective"

Presentation summary:

  • Identifying US citizens and accidental US citizens
  • US and UK tax issues to consider when looking at estate planning for US/UK connected clients and common solutions
  • Ownership of UK property for US/UK married couples and ways to mitigate the US tax burden
  • US trusts and why these can be difficult from a UK perspective
  • Issues arising to trustees of non US trusts where there is a US beneficiary

Lunchtime Lecture No. 7 - 2020/21 series

Date of live lecture: 12 March 2021 

Topic: Exiting Problem Client Relationships - Issues and how to Deal with them.

Speaker: Anthony Williams, Appleby 


Presentation Summary

Anthony Williams, Head of Dispute Resolution at Appleby presents "Exiting Problem Client Relationships - Issues and how to Deal with them"

Presentation summary:

The presentation will cover the issues that can arise when seeking to exit problem client structures, specifically how and when to communicate with the client, navigate financial crime and regulatory issues, and the options available in terms of seeking relief from the Courts.

Lunchtime Lecture No. 8 - 2020/21 series

Date of live lecture: 10 March 2021 

Topic: Beyond Brexit : An overview of the 2020 EU relationship negotiations.

Speaker: Jo Reeve, States of Guernsey 


Presentation Summary

Jo Reeve, Director of International Relations and Constitutional Affairs at the States of Guernsey presents "Beyond Brexit : An overview of the 2020 EU negotiations"

Presentation summary:

  • What the new Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) means for Guernsey and its place in the world
  • How Guernsey will participate in the TCA and the impact it will have on trade and our relationship with the EU
  • Participation on trade agreements with the rest of the world

    Bonus Lecture - 2020/21 series

    Date of live lecture: 16 February 2021 

    Topic: Areas of Danger for Trustees and Company Directors - an Insolvency Practitioner's Perspective

    Speaker: Ben Rhodes, Grant Thornton 


    Presentation Summary

    Ben Rhodes of Grant Thornton presents "Areas of Danger for Trustees and Company Directors - an Insolvency Practitioner's Perspective"

    Presentation summary:

    • Governance
    • The insolvency ‘twilight zone’
    • Accounting information and directors’ personal exposure
    • Potential threats and ways to mitigate those threats

    Virtual Lecture 7 - 2020/21 series

    Date of live lecture: 5 February 2021 

    Topic: Growing your Aviation Department

    Speaker: Matt Whitfield 


    Presentation Summary

    Matt presents about some of the issues you may encounter within Trust in managing your Aviation department and will invite you to join him in a workshop-style session.

    Matt will be covering the following topics which may arise, such as:

    • What does trust look like in aviation and why.
    • What will trust lead to and what you should expect?
    • Choosing those to join your aviation department and what to consider
    • Your health check and audit - GFSC and Moneyval
    • A case study
    • Questions to ask
    • Things you should expect.
    • Finding the support you need.

    Virtual Lecture 5 - 2020/21 series

    Date of live lecture: 12 January 2021 

    Topic: Matters to consider when your client is relocating

    Speaker: Gillian Kennedy-Smith, 


    Presentation Summary

    Gilly Kennedy-Smith from Mills & Reeve LLP will guide you through considerations to bear in mind where your clients are either looking to become UK resident or attempting to sever ties with the UK.

    This talk will include a run through domicile, the statutory residence test, what to think about when advising clients with international interests, as well as highlighting immigration, property and tax changes.

    Virtual Lecture 4 - 2020/21 series

    Date of live lecture: 4 December 2020 

    Topic: The estate of the 7th Nizam of Hyderabad

    Speakers: Michael Cash, Pennigntons Manches Cooper


    Presentation Summary

    Michael Cash will talk about the administration of the VII Nizam of Hyderabad’s estate.

    The VII Nizam was reputed to be the richest person in the world in the 1930s. He died in 1967 leaving a large number of children. At the time of Indian independence and Partition £1M was paid by the Nizam into a bank account with NatWest in London.

    That money has been the subject of litigation involving India, Pakistan and heirs to the VII Nizam that was finally resolved in the High Court in London last year. Issues of sovereign immunity, illegality, authority to transfer money, abuse of process, payment for arms and the applicability of trust law to states were all raised in the court proceedings.

    The administration of his estate in England is ongoing, and court directions have been made to identify the heirs to the estate and to identify which law applies to the devolution of the estate’s money.

    Virtual Lecture 3 - 2020/21 series

    Date of live lecture: 14 November 2020 

    Topic: Practical analysis of common issues in family trust disputes

    Speakers: Charlotte Fraser, Joanna Poole and Adam Carvalho of Farrer & Co


    Presentation Summary

    Charlotte, Joanna and Adam will be presenting a talk on the practical analysis of common issues in family trust disputes.

    The presentation will be in the form of a case study which cover capacity, disclosure, conflict of interest and settlement issues.

    We hope you will join us for what we hope will be an interesting and engaging session.

    The lecture will include Q & A.

    Virtual Lecture 2 - 2020/21 series

    Date of live lecture: 21 October 2020 

    Topic: HMRC Update: Topical Issues for Trustees to Consider

    Speakers: John Cassidy and Hayley Ives of Crowe U.K. LLP


    Presentation Summary

    John and Hayley will cover the following key issues currently relevant to offshore advisers and their clients:

    Reasonable excuse:

    • What is a reasonable excuse vs what HMRC's perception
    • Recent tribunal cases, including HMRC’s continued incorrect stance
    • HMRC’s ongoing “powers review” – the power to levy FTC penalties and reasonable excuse has rapidly became the most important topic by far
    • Real life recent examples seen in practice
    • Disclosures – should there be a need for disclosure, we need to consider the most appropriate route before penalty arguments. We will look at action options , to include Worldwide Disclosure Facility, Contractual Disclosure Facility and Let Property Campaign taking account of some of the differences and benefits.

    HMRC current activity:

    • Financial Institution Notices
    • The new round of offshore “certificate” letters; what has changed and what does this mean
    • Furlough fraud, the new tax and penalty


    Virtual Lecture 1 - 2020/21 series

    Date of live lecture: 18 September 2020 

    Topic: HSF Trust company risk survey – the next chapter 

    Speakers: Richard Norridge, Will Turner, Dan Hyde, Susannah Cogman and Natalie Curtis - Herbert Smith Freehills


    Presentation Summary

    Earlier this year, international law firm Herbert Smith Freehills completed the research phase of a global survey of trust companies. We asked trust companies of different sizes, from a variety of onshore and offshore jurisdictions, with different ownership structures, questions about the most significant risk and compliance issues they face.

    Over the summer we released our analysis, but the world does not stand still! In this session, we provide updates in relation to the two areas that trust companies were most concerned about: AML and general regulatory compliance.

    We also cover the latest developments in the area of beneficiary disputes.