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Lunchtime Lecture No.1

Date: Monday 11th September 2017
Alan Bougourd is the Registrar of the Guernsey Registry which houses the newly introduced Beneficial Ownership Register. He has been instrumental in its set up.
Lecture Notes:  Beneficial Ownership STEP Presentation
Fiona Crocker is Director of the Financial Crime Supervision and Policy Unit at the Guernsey Financial Services Commission. The GFSC has worked closely in the setting up of the Register.
Lecture Notes:  Beneficial Ownership Register Sep17
Presentation Summary:
The Beneficial Ownership Register went live on 15th August 2017. The Guernsey Registry & the GFSC were part of a panel presentation to introduce the register to GAT members at their the AGM in June. In our first lecture of the 2017/18 series, they will deliver an update on the register and their experiences so far.

Lunchtime Lecture No.3

Date: Monday 13th November 2017
Alison Vine, is a Tax Director at Deloitte
Lecture Notes: UK – STEP presentation
Presentation Summary:
With the increased flow of information available to HMRC it has never been so important to ensure that all UK tax reporting is undertaken in a timely manner and without prompt from HMRC. Alison will explore how HMRC obtain their information, the initiatives they have created to identify where tax reporting is required, what obligations non- UK resident trustees have to file tax returns and what happens if they don’t.

Evening Lecture No.3

Date: Tuesday 14th November 2017
Nigel BurroughsBarrister, 4 New Square
Lecture Notes: STEP Guernsey Slides
Presentation Summary:
In this seminar, Nigel will look at the different prescription and limitation periods applicable to claims by beneficiaries against their pension trustees, and the claims that the trustees might wish to make against professional advisers. There is often a mismatch between the period within which claims against advisers must be brought and the longer period within which members of the scheme can claim their benefits. Consideration will, therefore, be given to impeachment under Guernsey law and section 14A of the Limitation Act 1980 which can extend the period within which claims may be made against lawyers, actuaries, investment advisers and pensions administrators.

Lunchtime Lecture No.4

Date: Wednesday 6th December 2017
Jim Wood, Detective Sergeant of The Guernsey Border Agency will provide an update and development on recent Legislation.
Lecture Notes: Available upon request
Presentation Summary:
In this seminar, Jim will provide an update onDevelopment on Legislation

Evening Lecture No.4

Date: Tuesday 14th November 2017
Roberta Harvey, Partner in the Contentious Trusts team at Charles Russell Speechlys; Richard Dew TEP, Barrister at 10 Old Square (committee member of the STEP Contentious Trusts and Estates SIG); and Alasdair Davidson TEP, Partner and head of the litigation and trust teams at Bedell Cristin, Guernsey
Lecture Notes: Pugachev presentation
Presentation Summary: Putin’s Banker & shams – keeping it real

Lunchtime Lecture No.5

Date: Wednesday 10th January 2018
Lecture Notes STEP Fraud presentation 
Presentation Summary: Drawing upon his experiences as a Fraud Examiner and Insolvency Practitioner, Ben Rhodes will explore the impact that fraud can have on a business both locally and internationally (with reference to the latest Global Fraud Study). He will provide an overview of occupational fraud, he will highlight some of the typical characteristics of a fraudster, and will discuss measures that can be taken to detect or prevent fraud

Evening Lecture No.5

Date: Thursday 11th January 2018
Lecture Notes Brexit slides – STEP Jan 2018
Presentation Summary:
Steve Wakelin, Chief Strategy and Policy Officer & Jo Reeve, Director of International Relations and External Affairs will present an overview of external relations challenges facing Guernsey and the States external relations priorities for 2018.  They will look at the importance of Guernsey’s trading relationships, how it is positioning itself and the major challenges expected during 2018.

Lunchtime Lecture No.6

Date: Wednesday 7th February 2018
Lecture Notes 2018-02-07 – New moves for NRCGT
Presentation Summary: Alice Vink & Emily Osborne, Stephenson Harwood LLP – UK Summary on proposals on the current consultation to extend the NRCGT regime

Evening Lecture No.6

Date: Thursday 8th February 2018
Lecture Notes STEP Guernsey
Presentation Summary: Richard Bagnall-Smith, Willem de Gier & Luke Dugdale, Directors & Founder of Cadell + Co on “Why regulated art advice matters to Professionals”

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